13. December 2018
I wrote those sentence over 3 months ago but I didn't post it here. I don't now what was the reason that I forgot it but I think it's definitely time to give you guys, who read our starter blog, a deserve Goodbye. So enjoy the last little text from me. Two days left and then I’ll go back home. Crazy how quick this 4 months were going. I am sitting on the information desk and thinking about my whole time here in the UK. When I look back at this period of my life, I feel so thankful for all the...
14. November 2018
Hello Guys After a long time ago I let you read something by me. On Sunday this weekend I am here for 3 months. So half term turns to the last month in oxford. But you’re not interested to read when I will go home, you wont to hear anything about what happened in the last few weeks. So let me tell you about a several exciting Sessions. At the end of october on a monday was a film set in the Old Library to shoot a murderer scene, the librarian was the victim. It was quiet weird to see how all...
08. November 2018
As you might already know, we go to some of the trainee sessions. These trainee sessions are for graduate trainees who either work in one of the Bodleian libraries or in a college library in Oxford. After a year as a graduate trainee one can get a degree in librarianship or information management. The last trainee session was a trip to the BSF – the Book Storage Facility. The BSF is not in Oxford itself but in Swindon. It took about one hour by coach to get there. I have heard from my...
21. October 2018
The first part of my internship I worked at the Sainsbury Library. As you might already know from previous blogposts this library is part of the Said Business School. In this post I want to give you an insight in my work there.
27. September 2018
Wonderful morning in Oxford
19. September 2018
Until mid-October I will continue working in the Sainsbury Library with a few exceptions… because when new students arrive it gets very busy. That’s why I was at the Education Library last Friday to prepare for Monday and that means for the nearly 200 new arriving PGCE students.
06. September 2018
Welcome to the Magdalen College
05. September 2018
The first two weeks just rushed by… - introductions, getting to know new colleagues, getting settled and used to living in Oxford and of course of sightseeing.